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e-Strategy Consulting Vignette Consulting

Information Technology can create tremendous business value by enhancing relationships with customers, partners, and employees, and by enabling efficiencies that promote growth, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Source 1 Media e-Strategy Consulting Source 1 Media understands how to realize that potential by delivering sophisticated solutions that take full advantage of available technology and the functionality of state-of-the-art applications while also taking into account each client's particular needs and circumstances, such as legacy systems in place, resources available, and established practices.

S1M consultants work closely with a core group of vendors including Vignette, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Broadvision, Mindbridge, Netscape, and IBM. We use a proven methodology that combines industry best practices for enterprise-scale projects with best practices specific to your needs. This methodology is based on our experience developing complex enterprise systems for clients like the US Navy, GMAC Mortgage, and the Social Security Administration.

The process begins with meetings with key stakeholders and a thorough audit of your current business practices to develop an in-depth understanding of your business needs, goals, requirements, and critical success factors. Based on these requirements, the project team defines an information architecture, solution architecture, and functional specifications that will guide development of solution components. Testing, training, and management strategies and procedures are designed in parallel with solution development. Based on these functional specifications and Source 1 Media's experience deploying enterprise business systems, the team can rapidly develop and deploy a system that meets your requirements.